Spam, viruses, web crimes, UN, Neo-UN and Neo-justice

Spam, viruses and web crimes converted into social benefit by the UN or Neo-UN and Neo-justice, (JWB=Justice without borders)



For each e-mail to businesses are 27 e-mails from spam. Milions of people lost bilions a cause of spam, virus and web crimes.

One person spent several days to write hundreds of letters and made hundreds of kilometres to send them through an employment agency. A cost equivalent to hundreds of Euros at market prices to send curriculum to companies that could be sent in minutes with costs of less than one euro. All this because each e-mail to businesses comes with 27 e-mails from spam and lost almost the entire value.
Worse than spam are viruses and the swindle that makes losing value to the best information. Some e-mails from spam, viruses or crimes produce astronomical damage to the use of Internet.
This damage could become a source of revenue for the UN and governments if they have international standard norms of justice and make sentence to pay the damage to the authors. ONU and governments must implement the most basic principle of justice: “who damage must compensate victims and society”.
Imagine a UN or Neo-UN dedicated to a better use of Internet, to establish global standards of good behaviour online and fines for offenders. Who could not pay for the damage they cause would be sentenced to work together with apprentices of the Internet to teach and be checked against new crimes.

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