TIL=Time is Life

Time is Life-Emotion-Intelligence-Creativity-Culture-Information, … important for everybody but particularly for Politic, Volunteer, Policy and Justice



Time is the most universal and important value. Is the value of other values.

The use of time is important for everyday life, for the happiness of everybody, but more importantly for who determines the time of the other people: information, culture, politics, justice and volunteering. Time is the most important factor of intelligence, creativity, emotion, information, culture, volunteering, justice and politics. I publish a eBook in Italian, (1) and I would like to have collaboration for a different version in English. If You are interested to collaborate leave a comment with Your contact or send me a message forpiresportugal(at)hotmail.com, (at=@).(1) </b> <a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Time-Life-Tempo-Vita-ebook/dp/B005MJ9T10/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_1″>TIL=Time is Life=Tempo è Vita</a> , <b>Intelligenza, Creatività, Emozione, Informazione, Cultura e Volontariato.</b> </para>

Appendix 1

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